My art is a passionate reaction to the dehumanising effects of 21st century life, offering a satirical 
examination of fractured identity in a culture where the relentless pursuit for fame and material
pleasures becomes aligned with an ominous sense of looming mortality. 

The subjects in my work often feature young children, not only to suggest who the true victims
are, but also to reveal our own regressive and dependent condition in a mediatised and commodified culture.
I like to begin working in monochromatic pastels to represent the loss of humanity, later juxtaposing with high
contrast acrylic colours to conjure a jarring seductiveness to the disturbing imagery. This often leads to a graphic
aesthetic, which likely emerges from my strong interest in menswear fashion illustration and design.

My often cynical artistic response to the notion of fame is compounded by my experiences as an actor in London.
I have met individuals who are so painfully desperate and deluded that fame has become their sole quest. In an age
dominated by reality shows, it seems that the line is blurring rapidly between fame and infamy: Just how far will people
go to be famous in the next ten years? Where are the limits to the exploitation of human beings?